Committees of our Church

Congregational Life: This Committee assists the Sunday School, Youth Group, and Vacation Bible School and coordinates with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and 4H.

Worship and Music: This committee coordinates the scheduling of acolytes, ushers, greeters, communion preparation, flowers, seasonal decorations, choir, music and other worship activities.

Missions and Outreach: This committee investigates and recommends domestic, national and international missions our church should tithe too.

Personnel: This committee acts as a liaison between the employees of The First Church of Evans, and its Church Council.

Properties and Grounds: This committee oversees all buildings and grounds and contract for services as needed.

Stewardship and Finance: This committee is responsible for preparing the annual budget and oversee stewardship campaigns.

Planning and Advisory: This committee coordinates the various fundraisers of the First Church of Evans including the Derby Fair.

Records and Nominating: This committee assists with keeping accurate records of all addresses and telephone numbers and help keeping the mailing list correct.

Memorial Committee: This committee shall investigate, advise and recommend to the Church Council the use of funds help in this Fund.